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Storage Heaters Service

What is a storage heater

Storage heaters are not like the other conventional electric heaters. They store thermal energy by heating up internal ceramic bricks during the night. Then the heat gradually permeates the room during the day.  Those bricks with electrical parts running between them are very important because they accumulate the heat. Once the electricity is on, over the course of a number of hours in the dark the bricks heat up. The next day your house will get constant heat generated by the storage heater. You are in the right place to seek professional Storage Heaters Service. We collaborate with celebrated technicians across Northampton.

Storage heater replacement

Everyone who has an old storage heater in his house complains about how they do not provide sufficient heat to keep your house warm. At the same time, old storage heaters can be less efficient, bulky and expensive to run. If you don’t have yet in your house access to mains gas, then better consider replacing your old storage heater with a new one. Nowadays storage heaters have evolved so much that is able to offer a level of quality to compete for other heating systems such as central heating, heat pumps or electric radiators. They are the new generation electric heaters adapted to work efficiently in the modern age.  The new generation of storage heaters is far more efficient than the older models we have in our houses.

Although you may think that replacing an old storage heater is not very complicated in fact it entails very complicated processes. It can be quite daunting for an amateur to dismantle and replace an old storage heater. Not to mention the fact that it can pose you to serious health risks.  Yes, it is true some old models of storage heaters contain asbestos and these models are still around today. Therefore it is crucial to lean on a professional technician. Only an informed and trained technician could prevent a poisoning scenario.  Only capable electricians can remove them because this is a task which, if not carried out correctly, is fraught with risk. Install now the most recent storage heater in stylish, slimline styles and colors.

Repair Storage Heaters

The totally insured and certified electricians will take away and properly repair your storage heater. The technicians have the capability of servicing a wide range of storage heaters. Yes, from old manual storage heaters to the newest models on the market. When it comes to replacing pieces, you can count on us to always source exact matches to your faulty storage heaters part. We will also include unbiased and competent guidance on whether it would be worth fixing your network or investing completely in a new one. You can trust us to be transparent at all times, with customer service at the core of our operations.

Storage Heaters Service

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  1. I have a storage heater that needs repairing in Kingsthorpe, Northampton. It is a large combined storage heater and convector heater.
    The illuminated red on off switch for the convector heater part has recently burned out. Can you help please?

    Andrew Siddle

    [email protected]

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